World Most Beautiful Woman


NOTE: This Registration is ONLY for the 10 women that BBC hand selected to the representative winners for 2018.

NOTE: We do not publicly disclose your Address, Phone Number, ID information or Job/School information. This is private information for MissBBC competition to help ensure competitors are real and not fake profiles. We protect your private information.

To help you to get votes so you can win, we will place your social media links on your page, and give you links to your MissBBC profile you can send in your social media easily to help you get your friends to vote for you and help those voting on you to find your social media also...

Copy And Paste The URL (example: www.Facebook.com/YourProfileName)


The Billionaire Boys Club and The MissBBC Competition is excited to have selected you as one of the '2018 representative winners' as we official launch the first active competition for 2019.

Each of you was hand chosen by our President with the assistance of some modeling agencies, friends of yours or by a model scout in Paris (Alex).

  • A cash model fee (expected to be $200 or more, that will be decided over the next few weeks after our sponsors have determined)
  • Gifts from our sponsors
  • A MASSIVE Social Media push to your Instagram, Facebook, ModelMayhem, Twitter or personal website. We are expecting to have over 1 million 'voters' and many thousands of girls that compete - looking at the 9 of you and going to your social media. You can expect a very large number of people wanting to 'friend', like, connect and follow you... MissBBC 2019 competition will be announced in the news - your face is the first thing everyone will see - both on the www.BillionaireBoysClub.com front page and on the www.MissBBC.com home page.
  • If the MissBBC competition does as well as we hope - you will receive additional $$ bonuses and gifts from the company.

We are happy to have you as the first representatives of the MissBBC - Worlds Most Beautiful Woman Competition.